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Luppe is your travel agent. Powered by semantic data and machine learning, luppe lets you find your next trips, saving time and hassle.
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How it works?

Luppe is a search engine based on natural language and semantic data. You can ask everything related to travel and tourism, and it will retrieve all results that you really need (from several data sources).

Save your time

Looking for a trip can take up to 36 weeks from inspiration to the booking. Luppe combines inspiration and exploration (destination reviews, travel guide) in one place to provide everything you need to know about your request.

And if you have made your decision, you can directly book your flights and accomodations with our partners.

Easy to use

Luppe is a natural language search engine which means that you can request whatever you want.
You are looking for a trip but you don't even know specific destination...
Or you have short-listed some destinations and you're wondering what is the best month to go?

This is simple as abc : write down your request and look at your options. Our website is responsive, it works on any device with a capable browser supporting HTML5.

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Natural Language

Our engine support English speaking (further languages to come). Just phrase questions as you would ask them if you were talking to someone.

Only Relevant Results

Our engine will display only results that match with your requirements. Our database is connected to the best travel sites to retrieve updated and target data.

Simple UX Design

You need to save time. We are providing a simple design where searching is everything.

Detailed Itineraries

Access to detailed itineraries made by other travellers. Or use them as a template to fit to your needs

Book directly

Book your trains, flights or accomodations directly from our service with our exclusive partners.

What you can ask

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